Reddit Polls

Redditors invent new and exciting ways to share their opinions and content with others every time. Multiple-choice polls are now becoming more popular by the day. And Reddit certainly hasn’t lost sight of that.

Reddit allows you to publish a survey with six possible answers. Such a poll is equivalent to a regular post and has the same options and features. You can create a poll from scratch, with the text entirely as you wish.

Don’t worry, no one will know if you left your vote in some embarrassing poll. No one will see it, not even the poll’s creator, because surveys are completely anonymous.

Reddit polls are one of the main ways to communicate with users. This method of communication is popular in a variety of subreddits, from the entertaining (about animals, memes, etc.) to the cognitive (science, philosophy, development). It’s to be noted that you don’t need to have a lot of karma to use the poll feature – anyone can do it.

The questions can also vary. “Do you believe in Darwin’s theory?”, “Cats or dogs?”, “Is there life after death?” And among the most popular poll topics on AskReddit are, “What’s your favorite animal?” and “What’s your favorite karaoke song?” Posting a poll in the appropriate subreddit can generate some interesting discussion.

Reddit polls can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Surveys can help you make a decision, find an answer to a question, get an opinion on your brand, find out what color is best for your eyes, and even advertise. Polls are completely anonymous and require only the click of a button to vote, so users are more willing to express their opinions without fear of publicity.

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The survey feature is designed to give users more opportunities and methods to communicate, discuss and share information online.